Organic maple sugar, made from only one ingredient:
maple syrup


It all began in the rang 7 of the small village of Frampton near Quebec city. A man named Delphis Perreault, a well established farmer decided to built a sugar shack and make some maple syrup. In the beginning, the syrup was stored in wood barrels and this way of making maple syrup stayed like that for many decades until all the new technologies including pipes and osmose system arrived during the 80's. Perrot Sweet Maple is now a five generation family company.

In 2015, Érablière Perreault inc. is introducing is new division: Perrot Sweet MAple, which is totally dedicated to the production of maple sugar, especially maple sugar packets and stickpacks. All these new products are availlable on the online store. Whenever you're a food distributor or a simple maple enthusiast, Perrot Sweet Maple has a product for you.

Even thought Perrot Sweet MAple has a constantly growing volume of sales, the quality of the product remains the same it has always been.