single serve Maple sugar stickpacks and packets
100% pure and organic


Our products

Perrot Sweet Maple does'nt only offer maple sugar stickpacks and packets. There is also a wide range of different maple products available on the online store or on demmand such as: maple butter, maple toffee, soft sugar, bottled maple syrup, etc. Contact us for more informations or visit our online store.

Our mission

From the simple maple enthusiast to the restaurant chain, Perrot Sweet Maple provides an adapted format of maple sugar for everyone. The quality and the taste of the product will always be the same, no matter what quantity you order. For those who were wondering, maple sugar can be stored for two years without any influence on taste.

Benefits of the product

Maple sugar is not only a tasty product, There is also several benefits for your health compared to other sweeteners.

What is our product?

Our product is simple: dry maple sugar. This sweetener countains only one ingredient, maple syrup. no additive or any other ingredients is necessary. Maple syrup is a unique type of molecule, it can be turned into many textures and consistencies. Only heat and mechanical movement is necessary.

An eco-friendly choice

Our maple sweetener is definitely a logical choice for environment because its organic production has to meet many requirement regarding the respect of nature. Discover many other ecological aspects of the product.

Our Mission


Provide a satisfaction feeling to every customer who taste our exeptionnal and unique product.

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