An ecological choice

The syrup from Érablière Perreault that is used to make Perrot Sweet Maple granulated sugar is produced with state-of-the-art energy-efficient equipment powered mainly by wind energy from the 15 wind turbines of the Municipality of Frampton.
Recently, Perrot Sweet Maple has been certified organic for both production and transformation of maple syrup. The organisation who certifies Perrot Sweet Maple is Ecocert Canada, a recognized group by the Government of Canada (ACIA) and Québec (MAPAQ).

Our large selection of maple product is perfect for people who have a sweettooth and love organic products.

The maple syrup used for making the granulated maple sugar is produced at the same location as the Perrot Sweet Maple plant, which means that no petroleum products whatsoever are used to transport the raw maple syrup. The syrup is produced in the same building.


The work carried out prior to the maple syrup harvest is done with the utmost respect for the forest and the environment. For example, many different trees species are left during forestry works to keep a huge biodiversity for wild animals.