What is our product

Perrot Sweet Maple is a registered trademark of Érablière Perreault Inc. We use Érablière Perreault's maple syrup to make an exceptional quality 100% pure and organic granulated maple sugar.

 Our granulated sugar is packaged in two formats: 2.6 gram sachets, and stick packets (stickpack) that also contain 2.6 grams of sugar (similar to coffee sweetener packets).


So, what is maple sugar?

In essence, this granulated sugar is the result of maple syrup that has been evaporated at high temperatures and then stirred.

The secret to granulated maple sugar is simple: maple syrup molecules have exceptional crystallization properties. No additional ingredients are required, therefore, to turn the syrup into granulated maple sugar.

Due to maple syrup’s versatile nature, we are able to make a product that is 100% pure and natural.