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Being an organic company, Perrot Sweet Maple is not using any chemical products or any others ingredients.

Several recent studies have shown that the body may assimilate pure maple products more easily than other processed sugars. Québécol, a molecule found in maple syrup, could also have significant health properties including, among others, the prevention of various forms of arthritis. Here are some articles about different studies done on maple syrup and pure maple products.

Maple products countain many advantages, one of them is studied at this moment: maple syrup could stop mutation of carcinogeric cells. Click on the link below to read more about this subject

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The sugar molecule of maple may be the type of sugar that increase the less blood sugar index. Its why we believe it is a great choice for diabetics people who still want to sweeten their meals a bit. According to the LAval University of Québec, Maple syrup could also reduce the quantity of insulin necessary to achieve carbohydrates to the muscles of the body. Click on the link below to read more.

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Les vertus du sirop d'érable