Our certifications

In order to guarantee the credibility of the products, Perrot Sweet Maple has acquired 3 certifications.

In 1992, we obtained the certification of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, this certification allows us to export our products internationally since the CFIA is a federal agency which is recognized by a vast majority of country.
Logo de l'Agence Canadienne d'inspection des aliments

Since 2015, we have also been certified Aliments du Québec. This certification represents for the Quebec consumer the assurance of a 100% local purchase. This certification greatly helps the notoriety of our products in the agrifood market of Quebec.
Logo Aliments du Québec

2017 is the year that marked the complete transition of our range of conventional products to organic. Perrot Sweet Maple therefore follows the standards of Ecocert Canada, an organization recognized worldwide, to guarantee its customers a 100% organic product.
Logo Ecocert Canada