Our story

The beginnings

It was in the spring of 1902 in Rang 7 in Frampton en Beauce that a seasoned farmer named Delphis Perreault started producing maple syrup. He had first cut a hundred maple trees and boiled the sap collected in a large cast iron vat. The syrup produced was stored in small wooden barrels and the Perreault family could obtain supplies year round. Five generations succeeded each other and the small wooden hut that was originally used by Delphis still stands in a 7th row meadow like a historic monument. Below, a photo of Sauveur Perreault and Pierrette Carbonneau, at the time owners of Érablière Perreault in (1960).

Sauveur Perreault et Pierrette Carbonneau en 1960

In 2015, the multigenerational company Érablière Perreault inc. introduces its new Perrot Sweet Maple division, which is totally dedicated to the production of different packaging formats of pure maple granulated sugar. Whether you are a food distributor, a restaurateur or a maple sugar lover, the products of this new division are all available on the online store.

Despite an ever increasing volume of products, Perrot Sweet Maple and Érablière Perreault have never ceased to offer the same product quality that has made the company famous since its inception. Below, the first processing room at Érablière Perreault (1961)

Première salle de transformation de produits de l'érable en 1960

Current achievements

Perrot Sweet Maple is currently focused on the production and development of methods to optimize the production of maple products while keeping the quality concerns of the past.

Cabane à sucre 2021 dePerrot Sweet Maple

Future projections

Since 1902, Perrot Sweet Maple has been producing maple syrup and intends to continue expanding the transformation component of products such as maple sugar in sachets, bottled syrup, maple butter and taffy. maple.

The company plans to increase the distribution of sticks and pouches in the restaurant and retail sector. The local clientele that we have established at our sugar shack will always remain paramount to the company.
L'Équipe actuelle Perrot Sweet Maple