4 liters Organic maple syrup

4 liters Organic maple syrup

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Premium quality organic maple syrup in 4 liters. Delivered in a cardboard box, this syrup is of Gold (delicate taste) or Amber (rich taste) color class. Our maple syrup is produced directly at the maple grove. In order to achieve our annual production of maple syrup, the sap was harvested at seven different sites on our different sugar bushes located in Frampton in the Beauce region. We are a maple syrup company that has been in the maple business since 1902.

We are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology with our new "EcoVap" model electric evaporator which allows us to produce a tasty and rich syrup in addition to making substantial savings on our production costs. 

We have been using this process since 2015 and are more than satisfied with the time and energy savings.