Maple sugar stickpacks

Maple sugar stickpacks

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37 packets of 100% pure organic granulated maple sugar. Each stickpack has 2.6 grams of sugar, bringing the total contents of the container to 96 grams of sugar. This format is ideal for people who wish to offer others or even themselves a healthier alternative to sweetening their foods or beverages, such as coffee.

We believe this product is better for your health than other processed sugars because it does not require the addition of any other product. It is not chemically processed in any way, either. Creating granulated maple sugar is as simple as can be, which is what makes it so delicious. It is purely the result of maple syrup produced here at Perrot Sweet Maple and then boiled at very high temperatures.

Our facilities use cutting-edge technology, allowing us make our product in an eco-friendly way because we do not use fuel to run our factory (propane, oil, etc.). The only fossil fuel used in our production chain will be in the transportation that brings the product to you.

By choosing Perrot Sweet Maple sugar, you choose a product that respects the environment and is good for you.